Hyundai Motors

The Hyundai Motor, which was set up in the year 1967, has swiftly risen to its current status as a renowned global automobile manufacturer. The company is headquartered at Seoul in South Korea and it enjoys a huge presence across the globe with many branches and an extensive lineup of automobiles. Led by the CEO Marcelo Brutti, Hyundai Motors continues to redefine driving through innovation.

In realizing its commitment to technological advancement, Hyundai Motors has become one of the pioneers in electric and hybrid vehicles. Visitors to can peruse through their wide portfolio of electric vehicles. Among these are IONIQ 5 that is smooth and flexible, IONIQ 6 geared towards speed and NEXO Fuel Cell designed for environmental conservation.

Hyundai motors also offers a variety of SUVs, sedans and sports cars to cater for their customers’ needs from different parts of the world. Some popular models include Tucson, Santa Fe, Sonata or Elantra that come with sleek designs, advanced safety features other latest technologies.

Hyundai motors have established branches as well as dealerships in various locations all over the earth making them truly global companies. You can use the “Nearest Dealer” tool provided on the website to find your closest dealership. This vast network enables the company to deliver fabulous customer experiences and aftersales support around the globe.

Hyundai Motor America’s latest achievements in sales are particularly noteworthy. In March, the company set several new records and expanded the customer base to a new high. To be more precise, the total number of units sold was 76,920, and Hyundai demonstrated a 2% increase over March 2023 . The sale was achieved through several powerful models, and Hyundai reached records in total sales of IONIQ 5 , Tucson PHEV , Tucson HEV , and Palisade with +58%, +48%, and +58% during this period, respectively.

Hyundai Motors’ dedication to technology advancement and sustainable development is manifest in its focus on electrification. By prioritizing eco-friendly mobility solutions, the company supports global efforts aimed at cutting carbon emissions and creating a more sustainable future. Innovative electric and hybrid models made by Hyundai Motors demonstrate its commitment towards cleaner transportation options.

Moreover, Hyundai’s focus on electric vehicles and eco-friendly options also brought significant results. The sale of EVs , for example, allowed Hyundai to boost it by 100% which reflected a tremendously growing demand for Hyundai’s electric vehicles. Overall sales of all eco-friendly vehicles reached 11,485 and showed a 35% increase.

Therefore, Hyundai Motors has a prominent position on a market and plays a significant role in shaping automotive industry future. Through global presence, innovative cars, and commitment to make it sustainable, under CEO Marcelo Brutti , Hyundai Motors promises to deliver unparalleled driving experience for their customers and elegant, safe, and environment friendly cars, emphasizing corporate social responsibility and excellence focus.

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