Hyundai Motor’s IONIQ 5 N eN1 Cup Car Debuts, Signaling New Era for EV Racing

Hyundai Motor Company in Seoul on the flip side of yesterday rolled out the IONIQ 5 N eN1 Cup car at an official practice day for competing teams of the upcoming Hyundai N Festival, motorsport event. Although this electric racing car is a direct derivative of the award-winning IONIQ 5 N that is a high performance electric vehicle, it represents only the beginning of the dawning of an eco-friendly racing era.

The purpose of IONIQ 5 N eN1 Cup car is to draw attention to the fact that it relies on the same power electronics (PE) system as the production IONIQ 5 N. The IONIQ 5 production system is an extremely powerful system that provides higher powertrain capacity than the base IONIQ 5 model. The most powerful EV ever of the IONIQ N lineup, it is capable to generate an instantaneous power up to 650ps and allows circuit driving in intensive regime. By applying the well-known acronym E-GMP from the electric vehicle of Hyundai Motor’s and the battery thermal control system as well as strong regenarative brake system, the vehicle can be more scalable.

The N1 class racing car, which is available as an addition package for Elantra Avante N1 class, is similarly the IONIQ 5 N eN1 Cup racing car which is for professional drivers competing in the N1 class and it exhibits enhanced circuit performance using slick tires. The eN1 class, which we will introduce this year, and run via open regulations allowing teams have the freedom to align with the tire product of their own choice as well as no limitations from the one sole manufacturer.

The IONIQ 5 N eN1 Cup car also boasts a new stretched tail section. It is low and wide-fenders SSV, widening of wheel track for better handling, lifting the sides by the front lips and rear wings, and improved aerodynamic ability. It is also have less weight, because advanced composite materials like the carbon fiber components were used as well which are relatively light, besides the wheels, FRP hood and polycarbonate windows were applied for it.

These factors alone are enough to elicit goosebumps among fellow car enthusiasts as noted by a NGB delivery overboost, a virtual N e-Shift, and a NAS+ enhancement with roaring isolation where each team had the freedom to develop their own distinctive sounds.

During Savings of the IONIQ 5 N eN1 Cup car, which safety tools are fundamental and they include roll cage, racing bucket seats and seat belts. Furthermore, more security measures such as fire extinguisher being solely for use with electrical fires, asphyxiation fire extinguisher and modified charge port location have been executed to ensure the utmost security level in EV racing.

Hyundai N Festival to foster growth and development of Korea’s motorsport culture

For over 20 years, Hyundai Motor has sponsored and organized various racing competitions, starting with the Hyundai Click Speed Festival and Korea Speed Festival, leading up to the Hyundai N Festival, which has now become the largest one-make race series for professional athletes in Korea.

Similar to the existing Avante (Elantra) N1 class, the eN1 class is exclusively for professional athletes and is a race-only vehicle that cannot be driven on public roads. The ‘e’ in eN1 refers to the electrification of the race class, highlighting Hyundai Motor’s commitment to sustainable racing.

The upcoming season will serve as a trial period for EV racing, marking the first introduction of EV racing in the Hyundai N Festival. The eN1 Cup car will be tested and improved through the harsh motorsport environment in the Proto stage. This season will also provide an opportunity for race teams, drivers, and marshals to learn about and develop the EV racing competition. Additionally, charging-related infrastructure, fire response measures and emergency response will be further developed during this trial season.

The Hyundai N Festival will kick off with the opening round at Inje Speedium on April 27. The eN1 class will have its official practice during the opening round, followed by 10 races in the fifth round. The competition format will vary, including one-on-one knockout races and traditional sprint races, allowing for a comprehensive understanding, and testing of various EV racing methods.

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